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TRIA turns 70 years!

1954 - 2024. 70 years have passed since Angelo Anceschi together with his son Sergio designed the first knives granulators, thus giving life to TRIA.

In the 1980s the third generation entered the company. Sergio's three sons: Luciano, Marco and Claudio begin to introduce new technologies and give a more managerial imprint to the Cologno Monzese company with the opening of branches abroad and partnerships with European and overseas companies.

The company that everyone knows today is the result of seven decades of constant growth, research and development and innovation. 70 years in which knowing how to listen to our customers' needs and providing them with the complete solution from A to Z has been the key of our success.

With more than 70 presences in the world, over 46,000 systems installed, 4 branches open in the main continents and able to cover almost the entire world market and a new HQ being finalized for 2025, we can only be happy and thank every person who has made all this possible all this time: from our customers, suppliers, to our agents and employees.