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Tcloud: TRIA granulators in the digital world

TRIA, as already announced in preview during the fair K2022 in Düsseldorf, is developing together with the Swedish company CombiQ, a new service that can be activated both for new purchases and for granulators already in the customer's possession, which will be called Tcloud.

Tcloud will guarantee to our granulators in which the small device (shown in the photo) and some sensors will be installed, to be connected to the cloud. Thanks to these sensors that will transmit the data to the cloud and the web platform developed together with CombiQ, it will be possible to monitor all the operating parameters of the granulator in real time, extrapolate the data and analyze them, scheduling ordinary maintenance interventions in advance.

This will translate, for the customer, into fewer production stops with relative savings in time and costs; in fact, the machines, through personalized notifications, will alert the TRIA assistance team when it is time to plan an ordinary maintenance intervention with the customer.

Link for press release of CombiQ: CombiQ website